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December 17,2005
Story by: Doug Anderson

Team Europe proved to be a dominate force in the world of strongman, bouncing Team Pan-America in the final 3-2 in events and 45-35 in points, winning The IFSA World Team Championships on the sandy beaches of the Divi Little Bay Resort in St.Maarten. Team Europe made their way to the final with an easy win over Team Scandanavia,
3-2 in events and 40-35 in points. Although, in their defense Team Scandanavia was competing with only three members as Denmark's Rene Minkwitz, was a unable to make the competition. The final score was not indicative of the action as Team Europe fine tuned their gameplan for the finale with Team Pan-America, who edged out Team World Open to get the the final. After suffering an injury to the bicep of Iceland's Magnus Magnusson, in the "Three man Pole Push". Team Scandanavia showed tremendous grit and determination as the Finish duo of Tomi Lotta and Juha Pekka Aitilla marched on to certain defeat at the hands of Team Europe.

The Grand Finale:
Team Pan America looked to put the pressure squarely on the shoulders of Team Europe in the opening event, The Island Stones, IFSA rookie sensation Travis Ortmayer(USA) Rattled off the first 4 stones, before faultering on number 5 at 170k/375lb. Jon Andersen(USA) stepped in on a moments notice to put up the fifth stone , leaving the big daddy sixth stone at 180k/396lbs to big Van Hatfield(USA). Hatfield did not disappoint,in the final tenth of a second he placed the massive sixth stone before time expired. Team Europe with the task at hand needed to complete all six Island Stones in under 90 seconds to record the victory in event 1. Estonia's Andrus Murumets began the run with a fabulous effort, racking up four stones, before tagging off to the Latvian Legend Raimonds Bergmanis who made short work of the final two stones stopping the clock at 69.23 seconds and earning the 10 points awarded to each event winner. Strongman wrestling was next on tap, Murumets(Estonia) and America's Van Hatfield clashed in a spectacular battle in the sand. The event was a 2 point total win scenario, with 1/2 points awarded to athletes who pushed their opponent out of the ring and a full point awarded to athletes who tossed their opponent from the ring. The first team to reach 2 points wins the event. America's Strongest man Van Hatfield was pitted against the Estonian super cop in Andrus Murumets. Althought each team was able to swap out wrestlers at will, both stuck with their big guns and hoped for the best, Hatfield won the opening round with a smooth flip of Murumets, garnering a full point. Murumets came on in round two , determined to extend the match. Hatfield was pushed from the ring as Murumets showed tremendous skill and agility, Murumets though would only puck up a 1/2 point and trail Hatfield. In the third battle, Hatfield and Murumets locked horns for what seemed an eternity, before Hatfield was able to slip under the attack of Murumets and toss his opponent from the ring evening the Final at 1 event / 15-15pts. The Teams came into event # 3, The Three Man Log Lift for Reps, ready for bear. Team Pan-America had already ripped off 11 reps with the huge 300k/661lb log, in their semi-final with Team World Open. The World Record sitting at 13 reps, set by three teams,(Ukraine,Canada,USA) , was under attack. Team Europe set a mark of 9 reps with the log, Team Pan-America united to pump out 13 reps and tie the World Record, but more importantly , a win in event 3. Team Pan- America's gameplan was coming together, just the way Team Captain Geoff Dolan(Canada) envisioned, untill tragedy struck Team Pan-America in event# 4, the IFSA Stone Carry. Needing one more event win to claim the World Team Championship Title, Team Pan-America watched as Team Europe set a new benchmark distance of 132.6M /435 ft ,carrying the 175k/375lbs the IFSA stone would prove to be the turning point for Team Europe. Geoff Dolan set a mark at the midway point on the course with team member Travis Ortmayer following up, on the final 20 meters of the course Ortmayer stepped put of bounds with his left foot and head referee Dr.Douglas Edmunds immediately blew the action dead, Team Europe wins event # 4, setting the stage for a fabulous finish.

The fifth and final event on the sands of St.Maarten, was the 3 Man Pole Push. Team Europe was outstanding winning the best of three rounds 2-0, Thanks to superior effort from both Heinz Ollesch(Germany) and current World Champion Zydrunas Savickas of Lithuania. The combined power and stamina of Team Europe was both draining and taxing for Team Pan-America, Team Europe was the better of the two teams on this day and as such are crowned IFSA World Team Champions. Team Europe is Raimonds Bergmanis(Latvia), Heinz Ollesch(Germany), Zydrunas Savickas(Lithuania), and Andrus Murumets(Estonia).
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