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WSSS - Ranking 2010

OdgovorObjavljeno: So Jul 03, 2010 9:53 am
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2010 World Strongman Super Series: Big Lead for Big Brian Shaw
IronMind has just received the official rankings in the 2010 World Strongman Super Series, and the defending series champion, Brian Shaw, is in the lead.
Brian Shaw impressed all at the 2009 World’s Strongest Man contest, where his performance on the Axle was part of the mix that put him on the podium. Continuing to flex his muscles in the 2010 strongman season, Big Brian Shaw currently leads the World Strongman Super Series.

“Brian Shaw did not fail to impress in World Strongman Super Series in Norway (Viking Power Challenge) where he won or tied for the win in 5 of 6 events,” Odd Haugen told IronMind today.

“He is sitting in a solid position to repeat as WSM Super Series World Champion, but runners-up the likes of Ostlund and Arsjo will not be yielding without a fight in the remaining [Super Series] Grands Prix.”

And speaking of upcoming Grand Prix competitions in the World Strongman Super Series, Odd Haugen confirmed that, “Next up is the Romania GP in Bucharest on August 7th, which will feature the top 10 in the current WSM Super Series Rankings, minus Poundstone.”

Here are those official rankings and points for the 2010 Super Series tour, to date:

Rank Athlete Total
1. Brian Shaw (USA) 21.0
2. David Ostlund (USA) 13.5
3. Johannes Arsjo (Sweden) 13.0
4. Derek Poundstone (USA) 12.0
5. Stojan Todorchev (Bulgaria) 8.0
5. Laurence Shahlaei (UK) 8.0
7. Richard Skog (Norway) 6.5
8. Louis Philippe Jean (Canada) 6.0
9. Nicholas Best (USA) 5.0
9. Espen Aune (Norway) 5.0
11. Bjorn Andre Solvang (Norway) 4.0
12. Jason Bergmann (USA) 3.0
12. Mikkel Leicht (Denmark) 3.0
14. Krysztof Radzikowski (Poland) 2.0
14. Paul Parjol (Romania) 2.0
16. Mark Felix (UK) 1.0
16. Nicolaj Hansen (Denmark) 1.0