Martin Wildauer Wins Austrian Giant,

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Martin Wildauer Wins Austrian Giant,

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Held in in subfreezing temperatures, the Austrian Giant 2010 strongman contest was won by Martin Wildauer, who is serving early notice that he plans to be a significant player on the professional strongman circuit next year.
“Martin Wildauer won in perfect style; in the end he had a lead of 12 points,” Heinz Ollesch reported to IronMind. “Second was Mirko Rothe from Germany and third was Michael Votter from Austria.

“10 athletes where competing in five events at -13 degrees Celsius [about 8-1/2 degrees Fahrenheit].

“Martin recovered very well from his pec injury in May, and is now preparing full speed for the next [Strongman] Champions League season.

“The aim for next year is to qualify for World’s Strongest Man and do some damage there. :-) .”
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