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Log Lift World Championships 2016

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Rob Kearney Shocks The World At the Log Lift World Championships
Rob Kearney, a 105kg(231lb) Pro Strongman who took 2nd place at the past two America’s Strongest Man 105kg got an invite to compete at the 2016 Strongman Champions League Log Lift World Championships in Lithuania against the best log pressers in the world based on his track record in the log press having put up 193kg/425lbs at the 2015 Arnold Amateur World Championships. A definite underdog to the casual fan against a huge lineup with multiple Worlds Strongest Man competitors Kearney rose to the challenge.
After a near miss at 190kg Kearney came back to nail that weight ending in a massive 202.5kg/445.5lb log press to earn a joint 1st place finish with veteran Strongman Vidas Blekaitis of Lithuania. Kearney becomes the lightest competitor to hit over 200kg in a competition by over 30lbs, 202.5kg moves him up to 13th all time in the Log Press.
1. Rob Kearney (USA) 202,5 kg
1. Vidas Blekaitis (Lithuania) 202,5 kg
3. Vytautas Lalas (Lithuania) 200 kg
4. Dimitar Savatinov (Bulgaria) 195 kg
5-7 Dainis Zageris (Latvia) 190kg
5-7 Gregorz Szymanski (Poland) 190kg
5-7 Graham Hicks (England) 190kg
8 Bjorn Solvang (Norway) 185kg
9 Marcos Ferrari (Brasil) 182.5kg (new Brazilian Record) A new Brazilian Log Lift Record was set by Marcos Ferrari
10 Matjaz Belsak (Slovenia) 180kg
11 Saulius Brusokas (Lithuania) 175kg
12 Patrick Baboumian (Germany) (injured tricep) 170kg
Zydrunas Savickas withdrew from the contest shortly before it started with a neck injury
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