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WSC 2007

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Zanimivo tej v tej zvezi WSC pa vedno prvi naredijo razpored, sem že mislil, da letos ne bodo imeli več nič, zgleda, da je so sponzorji še pristoni.

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WSMC/IFSA Merger, Any truth???

IFSA - World Strongman Cup Merger? by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2006 IronMind

After a period of expansion, is the field of strongman federations set to contract in 2007?

Last year, IFSA joined forced with the United Strongman Series, and at least to an outside observer, the move benefited both parties as the combined organization appears to be stronger than either was on its own. As an example of the new heights achieved by the combined organization, the United Strongman Series certainly helped bolster IFSA’s 2006 competition calendar, and IFSA certainly contributed its top-level competitors, equipment and experience in the field. Most recently, the first appearances of the IFSA video emerging from its 2006 World Championships suggests that it has hit a new level of production quality, and IFSA insiders are speaking of the forthcoming television programs with great optimism, and credit for these improvements are flowing back to what had been United Strongman Series resources.

Whether or not joining forces with World Strongman Cup can yield similar benefits is a matter of speculation and whether or not this happens remains to be seen, but from what IronMind hears, this possibility is being discussed by the principals

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Sej pravim že nekja časa, da se morajo vse zveze združit in nastopat skupaj na svetovnem prvenstvu.

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to bi bilo najboljš sam sej veš kako je vsi trdijo da pri njih nastopajo najmočnejši....!pa tud če ma posamezna zveza svoje tekmovanje da bi se saj zmenil da bi imeli nato finale skupaj vse zveze npr. od vsake zveze recimo prvih pet !vse se začne pri denarju.....

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ne,ne sej letos so povabli tud finalista USS, sam si vidu, da ni imel šans, kaj češ, se tako vidi kje so najboljši atleti.