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World Strongman Super Series: World Finals 2010

OdgovorObjavljeno: Po Dec 06, 2010 8:34 am
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World Strongman Super Series has officially announced its 2010 World Finals, set for Swedish Grand Prix on December 12 in Gothenburn, Sweden.


Laurence Shahlaei, shown in the finals of the 2009 World’s Strongest Man contest, has been named to the starting list at the Super Series Swedish Grand Prix/World Finals. IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo.

Eight top strongman competitors have been named to the start list:

Stefan Berquist (Sweden)
Espen Aune (Norway)
Peter Rundberg (Sweden)
Nicholas Best (USA)
Louis-Philippe Jean (Canada)
Laurence Shahlaei (UK)
David Ostlund (USA)
Brian Shaw (USA)

This field may be reduced to six competitors for the final two events:

1. Log Lift: 150 kg for reps, from the ground to overhead
2. Super Yoke: 415 kg for time, 12 meter down, then back
3. Axle (1-1/2” diameter) deadlift: 410-kg for reps
4. Shield: 400-lb., for distance
5. Farmer’s Walk: 175 kg/hand, 12 meters down, then back
6. Atlas Stones of Strength: 140 kg to 195 kg (five stones)

According to the official press release, “The World Championship belt and title will awarded the overall winner together, along with a bonus check of US$4,000.”

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Napisal/-a K o n c i n a
I just got the result for Sweden super series!! Brian Shaw 1st Nick Best 2nd Laurence shalaei 3rd LPJ 4th Dave Oustlound 5th!!

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Brian Shaw Wins World Strongman Super Series Swedish Grand Prix and Overall Title
by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2010 IronMind

Brian Shaw added a couple more exclamation points to his 2010 strongman season by winning the World Strongman Super Series Swedish Grand Prix, as well as the overall title for 2010.

Here’s how things shaped up at the top, by event:

• Laurence Shahlaei kicked things off with a victory in the Super Yoke.
• Nick Best took the Shield Carry to another level.
• Brian Shaw (who had finished second in the first two events) annihilated the field on the Farmer’s Walk.
• Brian Shaw must have decided that finishing first is better than second, because he also won the next event, the log lift.*
• Nick Best once again proved his name on the Axle deadlift (Brian Shaw came in second).
• Brian Shaw smoked the field on the Stones of Strength.

*tie with Louis-Philippe Jean on reps

Here are the official scores for the 2010 World Strongman Super Series Swedish Grand Prix:

1. Brian Shaw 44.50
2. Nicholas Best 36.50
3. Laurence Shahlaei 33.50
4. Louis-Philippe Jean 31.50
5. David Ostlund 28.00
6. Espen Aune 19.50
7. Peter Rundberg 12.50
8. Stefan Bergquist 6.00

And here are the top three for the overall 2010 World Strongman Super Series final scores:

1. Brian Shaw 33.00
2. David Ostlund 19.50
3. Laurence Shahlaeir 16.00