2012 IHGF Amateur Highland Games World Championships

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2012 IHGF Amateur Highland Games World Championships

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Vladislav Redkin will host the 2012 Amateur World Highland Games Championships in Riga, Lativa on August 25, Francis Brebner reported to IronMind, in what will be an 8-event, one-day competition that will be filmed for TV.

“The lineup of athletes competing in this World Championships will make up the biggest representation of countries ever brought together, and staged with a total of thirteen in all, which is a first ever and is a record in itself,” Brebner said, as it bumps the record of 11 participating countries set in Bressuire, France at the 2012 IHGF European Amateur Team Championships.

“This just gives you an idea of how popular Highland Games are becoming in Europe and how fast they are growing.

“Within the last few years alone, eleven new countries affiliated to the IHGF, which brings a total of 21 countries affiliated with the IHGF and with more recent inquires from other countries seeking affiliation also,” said Brebner.

Officially, these athletes have been invited to compete:

USA – Jon O’Neil
Canada – Michal Miller
Holland –Pieter Kurst Boma
Belgium – Jimmy De Walle
France – Amine Amourn
Latvia – Oscar Brugenmanuis
Scotland - Grant Sinclair
Hungary – Adam Daruzs
Hungary- Robert Meszaros
Estonia – Tarmo Mitt
Ireland - Jonathan Kelly
Finland – Janne Hartkainen
Germany – Daniel Dorrow
Austria – Martin Shiller
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